Life is a journey full of mystery and miracles and we exist within this journey.

Looking for the potential in our soul, exploring it excitedly, developing it ambitiously, and getting on with our path by seizing the moments in life that we feel and create in state of total happiness is our main raison d’être, that is, our mission.

So, what is the nature of the body of the values that we wish to create about what our missions are in this journey of life, what we want to do the most, what these things might contribute to in this individual, social and even universal flow?

The most natural prerequisite to answer those questions fully and clearly is to get to our existential consciousness with the prodigy in our hearts. As the eyes of our hearts open up, our perception of reality and rejecting the fake is augmented, and that is freeing and energizing. It makes us question all that we know, all that we have learned, it makes us define who we are, what we want in this life, and our existence. Our prodigy is within our hearts and reaching the truth is magical!.. We embrace Life with that fire that prompts our soul and with those forgotten wings. Which virtue, which service can be real without self-perception?.. Knowing ourselves, achieving the secrets of spirituality is the most superior of all actions and values. While enthusiasm is the expression of our desires, mission is the tasks of our values.

Our self-respect is our internal light to brighten our path and we are the architects of the perception, thoughts and ideas that direct our missions; for we are the ones to choose our Journeys. We reach our purpose for life and our raison d’être step by step by dedicating our energy and time in improving ourselves with authentic thinking, true and clear expression and resilient and reliable steps in our actions. The principle of a mission is unconditional love, its foundation is stability, and its purpose is production.

A fact that I have always believed and argued; is that being born into this life as a woman is a great chance. Because being a woman is the most unique richness of our existence, and the most valuable gear of our internality and producing power.

Being a woman is by itself a Soul, beyond physics in a materialistic way. It is not to identify with the concept of beauty, but to be able to contribute to beauty with wisdom and action. Being a woman is to make life noticeable within its simplicities, recognizing one’s own power, and the meaning and nature of existence, and adding this power to life unconditionally. The sanctity of life is understood, interpreted and sustained the most by us Women. Voluntary service for life brings us on a journey dedicated to protecting its sanctity and we Exist within this journey with an unlimited Love, excitement, love, courage, stability, confidence, resilient ambition, compassion, conscience and sagacity by owning and sharing life.

Every living being, every Creature is really special in this life, and all of our respective journeys are peculiar to ourselves. In my own life, I have directed my focus toward; improving myself for life, adaptation in the processes of change of life, the contribution of each content and action that I have made and created to my children, my family, my country and the Universal Flow, and the holistic sincere commitment of society and the world with sensitive, constructive, courageous and fair steps as a woman. As a Woman, I have grabbed onto my perspective that I have implemented lively with my personal vision and passion to create by recycling/transforming and perceiving my Life experiences where comparison with nobody is desirable. I believe in the sanctity of life and that every being, and especially the children due to certain circumstances and impossibilities, will get on with their paths by experiencing this sanctity; and that Life is a journey that is full of mystery and miracles. We are the ones to choose the geography of this path as well. For many people, the geography born becomes their destiny. Or for some, the whole universe is the geography of their destiny! So long as we are the biggest investment that we make with belief, courage and stability, our life, mission, relationships and our contributions to the world equally gain value. Now I ask myself with the sincerity of being a woman, what is your Mission?

My Mission,
Serving the Sanctity of Life,
And My Path is Entrusted in my Heart...
Selin Söğütlügil