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Love is actually hidden in each moment in life… And the biggest Loves start off like unique Revolutions among these moments… The mind stops, the soul shakes, lightnings strike in each cell in the body. The heart wings with Love like a winged Bird, it rebels with Love, it lives with Love…”
Selin Söğütlügil

“Selin Söğütlügil, an old student of mine from world literature classes at the Art History department at Mimar Sinan University has created a rich and mature synthesis from what she experienced and what she read. You can see how the striking images that are drawn with words are replaced with an enthusiasm that wings with harmonious sounds. Thus, these poems also indirectly turn into an exciting story of resistance and resurrection. Although the poet included soul-quakes with the same enthusiasm as the beauties of nature which she becomes one in her life, she also tried to create a beautiful balance between them. The most distinct feature of these poems might be their uncompromised sincerity. So much so that this sincerity is emphasized with a clear sentiment from time to time. I wish Selin a lighted path with her profound and sensitive works.”

“Selin Söğütlügil was my student for four years at Mimar Sinan University. Even though she mostly wrote narrative poetry, I saw her successful attempt to instill a lyrical layer – which indicates that a pretty positive transformation had started in Selin’s poetry. She reflects her emotions and sincerity with an authentic transparency in her poems. I will be watching what Selin will be writing from now on with a greater attention, excitement and interest, looking at this sincere and meaningful book.”